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ACD Shelter techniek designs and manufacture high performance portable buildings. The unique design and construction of our buildings gives them the unrivalled portability and speed of deployment of an inflatable combined with the strength and rigidity of a metal framed structure. The ACD team has specialised in aeronautical fabric engineering for 2 decades. ACD was founded in 1990 with a simple philosophy which still applies today. We want to satisfy the customer's need for reliable, instantly assembled shelters, giving them a solution that is competitive in every respect.
Our continuous research and development efforts will ensure that our products stay ahead in technology through the 21st century Depending on the product type all our products are either high frequency welded or vulcanized.
Instead of using rigid poles made out of aluminium or wood the air shelter tents are having inflatable arches or beams. Different techniques make arches inflatable and air tight.

  • Continuous inflated air shelters
  • Semi inflatable air shelters
  • Inflatable double tube arches
  • Inflatable single tube arches

Continuous inflated air shelters consist of walls with inflated chambers. The complete wall is made out of double layers. Between the walls there is overpressure. When inflated the walls will take shape and form and the tent will erect.

Because the chambers are stitched an air shelter of this type needs a continuously running blower. The Airshelter MKI is a tent of this type. The seams of the chambers can also be made airtight by taping the seams or instead of stitching HF welding the seams. Doing so a continuous blower is not needed. The Airshelter MKII is a tent of this type. A special Pressure Control system  (PCS) is checking the air pressure inside the walls. The pressure is ontinuously checked when the pressure drops below a prefix value the blower will start automatically. Semi inflatable air shelters only have inflatable arches or beams but the distance poles or purlins between the arches are still rigid and mostly made out of aluminium. At ACD we call these tent the SST shelters. The SST air shelters take more time to set up because after inflation the purlins have to be installed by hand. The Airshelter SST and MST are tents of this type.

The first semi inflatable air shelters had already double tube arches (beams with a bladder). This construction is very strong and reliable. The Material used for the outside tube is mostly PVC coated fabric. The inner tube is made of Airtex 210. The total support construction is heavier than a single tube solution and if you need to make a repair your first have to remove the inner tube before you can glue or patch a hole. Our T series of shelters are tents of this type.

Single tube arch shelters are Airshelter, TrendLine and ResQshelters. The entire support frame is inflated by one inflation point. These tents are easy and fast deployed by just the push on a button of the blower and after 3 minutes the tents are ready for use. Inexperienced workers can set up these tents. Only two men have to carry the tent to the site after this they can hammer the pegs and the blower will do the rest. The Airshelters are the lightest single tube beam tents on the market. The special support frame material Airtex 200 has an excellent strength - weight ratio together with the wide temperature range the Airshelter the most advanced shelter. If ordered the support frame can be separated in different air chambers. The blower has to be connected to several inflation valves. In case of a puncture in the frame only one part of the tent will collapse. Before leaving the production all our tents are checked on airtightness. Every tent is inspected for an overpressure test and 24 hours airtightness test. Standard our tents do not need any re-inflation when they are standing for 1 week outside. When longer use is needed a pressure control system (PCS) can be used. The PCS will automatically refill when the pressure inside the frame is too low.

Our Maintenance shelters are called M series. The maintenance shelters are usually larger than our regular shelters. The M series of shelters are used for Aircraft or Helicopter Hanger, Battle repair shelters, Docking station for trucks or Containers, Large hospital command theatre. Maintenance shelters can be of MK I, MK II, Airshelter, MST and ResQshelter type.

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